The best way to ensure the ability to offer services with high added value, is monitoring the technology market, anticipating the future needs of the customers.


To be a leading engineering company in R & D internationally and recognized as innovative, responsible and efficient company that creates quality jobs for highly qualified professionals.

R&D+i Strategy

The organization must invest in obtaining technologically advanced projects at an international level, where they should be involved several people from various departments to increase the know-how of the company and experience in such projects. Sampol wants to position itself within five years as a company with experience in R&D European projects, to be able to define and lead their own R&D projects.

The strategic results in the following annual targets:

  • Get European research projects in Smart Grids
  • Increase the number of people involved in R&D+i
  • Keeping updated of the latest trends in the main business units of the company

  • The main R&D areas in SAMPOL are Energy and Automation / Control projects focusing on:

  • Innovation in energy efficiency in generation and consumption
  • R&D in renewable energy and energy storage systems

  • The policy of R & D extends to collaborations with leading universities and technology centers in Europe. Sampol major projects in recent years have been:

  • Project for the installation of charging points for electric vehicles in Parc Bit (2010)
  • European Project Wattalyst within the Seventh Framework Programme for the use of demand management in public buildings and homes
  • Development of a PhD project by European funding from Marie Curie program, focused on the optimization of the use of solar thermal energy is studied in the cogeneration Parc Bit
  • European Project Opti H2020, in the use of demand management in a hospital and homes

  • Our R&D Management System is certified according to the UNE 166002: 2014, which defines monitoring processes and technological forecasting, analysis and selection of ideas and project management.

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