The Installations business unit was the original core of the SAMPOL Group. It focuses on implementing electrical and mechanical installations and infrastructures.

Aims and Values: Specialisation, reliability and the ability to see the overall life-cycle of an installation.

In terms of electro-mechanical installations, SAMPOL’s key selling points are as follows:

  • A high degree of specialisation and experience in the sectors concerned.
  • The ability to offer an integrated package encompassing all components, i.e., electrical, mechanical, telecoms, safety and control, thereby ensuring that the client has just one person to talk to.
  • The ability to guarantee that projects affecting systems and services that are critical for the client are designed and able to meet the strictest requirements in terms of reliability and response times.
  • The experience to be able to judge the life-cycle of the project and the equipment best suited to meet its needs.

  • Our core strength is the depth and breadth of the experience of our teams, most of whom have worked in multiple projects at home and abroad and, as a team, can execute the most exacting projects without bringing in outside consultants, from the initial design stage through execution to start-up, and including the maintenance and operation of the completed installations.

    Main activities

    The main activities of the Installation Business Unit are as follows:

  • Airport installations
  • Airport power systems
  • Airport beacon systems
  • Installations for hotels, special-purpose buildings and transport terminals
  • Electrical systems and supply
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Fire protection
  • Plumbing, drainage and sewage
  • High-voltage power installations
  • Transformer stations
  • Power cables and transformer centers
  • Railway substations
  • Electrical and mechanical installations for industrial facilities

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