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How do I take part in a SAMPOL selection process?

To take part in any SAMPOL selection process, you must introduce your curriculum vitae through “Manage your CV” section. Once you have registered your CV, you will have registered as a user, which will allow you to modify or withdraw the information submitted at any time. With your CV registered, you will be able to apply for all the situations vacant you think your profile fits and which interest you.

Is it worth registering my curriculum if I do not see any offer that fits my profile?

Of course!. All the CVs we receive in Work at Sampol are stored in our database and are regularly consulted by our human resources team.

¿Buscas información más específica?

Puedes obtener información más detallada de los puestos de trabajo necesarios en los subsitios específicos de cada departamento:

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If you had any problem registering your CV, please direct your mail to the following contact:

Gremio Boneteros, 48 · 07009 Palma de Mallorca · Tlf +34 971 76 44 76